Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Change Ain't Easy

Wow! I can't believe it's already July {my birthday month!}. If you are wanting to make 2013 your year, you've still got plenty of time. 

The key is doing something. I don't care if you start out walking for just 10 minutes and eating a better breakfast. Next week you can walk for 20 minutes and eat a healthy breakfast and dinner. Then, the next week, try to add a small jog in your walk {even if just for a minute} and eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Small changes will help you make big changes over time. It's not going to happen overnight.

Speaking of changes, I just made a huge one {for me anyways}. I joined a regular gym. Why you ask?? With Cody having to close his store down and move to who knows where and also starting grad school, life has been tough. This means he works 10-11 hours a day then comes home, eats dinner, and does homework all night. Did I also mention he has a tri-athalon this month? He has to find time to run and bike too! Evie girl is not in Parent's Day Out and I've been keeping Bryson home from daycare a lot because he starts Kindergarten in the fall. We've been working on our Summer Bucket List.

CrossFit does not work with my schedule right now. As sad as that makes me, I'm not going to sit around and wait until the fall for life to slow down a little bit because it won't slow down. One of my bff's owns a small 24 hour gym that is 2 minutes from my house. I have no excuse not to go. Also, knowing that she can check the card reader to see if I'm actually going helps keep me motivated.

So, I got my babies tucked into bed last night, changed clothes, and headed for gym. Walking in for the first time was like walking into the box for the first time. I was nervous. In CrossFit, we don't really use half the stuff that is at a gym. I felt a little lost. 

I jumped on an elliptical for a 10 minute warm-up, did a few leg machines, and then did a 10 minute row to cool down. It wasn't much. I can still walk this morning. It was better than nothing but I'm going back tonight and I'm going to work a little harder. I like waking up sore. It means my muscles are growing. Yes, I want my muscles to grow. I promise you won't look like a man if you lift heavy.

What was the point of this post? I guess to get you inspired to make a change. I made a change. Now you make a change. That's how it works, right? Ha!

 Make one small change today.

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Abby Scorsonelli said...

Love the quote. High fives on getting up and going!

Taylor LeMay said...

Thank you for this post - Im on the precipace of changing the way I work out and Im nervous - I want to start lifting but I dont know where to start, so Im going to just jump right in - of course when Im recovered, but Im going to start doing my homework :)